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Do you love to watch Punjabi movies? Do you want to Download Punjabi Movies? If the answer to both questions is yes, then today you are at the right page. In this article, we are going to share the methods by which you can download the latest Punjabi movies for free.

Nowadays Android smartphones have become a lot affordable and in today’s time, almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands, hardly there would be anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone. Our Android smartphones are smart enough to do every kind of tasks, from making calls to watching online movies, all things are possible by our smartphone.

Also, in today’s busy world, we hardly get any time to go cinemas to watch movies or sit at home in front of T.V to watch movies, so the best way to manage time to watch your favorite Punjabi movies is by downloading them in your smartphone and watch whenever you get free time. But when it comes to downloading movies online, the task is not so easy, more than 30% of the internet is filled with fake sites. So, to make your Punjabi movies download task easier we are here to help you by providing 5 methods to download latest Punjabi movies online.

Download Punjabi Movies
Download Punjabi Movies

However, you must be very careful when downloading any movies online because most of the download websites often loaded with viruses and if you download anything from it then your PC/Laptop/Smartphone may also get infected, so always follow proper source whenever you download anything online. Below we have shared only authenticated and trusted a site which can help you to download your favorite Punjabi movie for free.

What is the Punjabi Cinema?

Punjabi Cinema is a movie industry which is highly focused on producing only Punjabi Movies. Unlike Bollywood, in Punjabi Cinema you will find only Punjabi movies with Punjabi actors and only Punjabi songs. Only a small part of India speaks Punjabi that’s why Punjabi Cinema is not as popular as Bollywood. Although some Punjabis in Pakistan also follows Punjabi cinemas a lot.

The first Punjabi movie Daughters of Today was released back in 1932, the production of which was started in 1928.

5 Legal Ways to Download Latest Punjabi Movies 2019

So, there is a huge demand for downloading movies in a legal way, so here we are with only legal websites to download movies online. If you don’t want to download then you can also stream Punjabi movies online for free.

For streaming online movies there are some apps too which makes the streaming process hell lot easier but for now, we are focusing only on downloading part. So, here are 5 legal methods to download any Punjabi movies for free.

1) Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is the best way to download movies online and it is one the legal torrent websites. It has a very large directory of not only Punjabi movies but also of different movies of different genre, i.e Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. Almost every other day they upload some new movies in their directory and you can also report to them if there is any broken link or video and they will resolve it within a very short period of time.

To download movies from PDT, you need to open the website first(below is the link) and then you need to search for your favorite movie and then you can click on it which will redirect you to your torrent client like Bitcoment or Utorrent(You need to download them first).

Visit Public Domain Torrents

2) Filmywrap

Filmywrap is my personal favorite website to download the latest movies. Not only downloading but with this website too you can stream movies online and believe me the streaming experience is very good. This website also provides subtitles at the time of streaming which makes the watching experience every better.

The directory of Filmywrap is also very big and they update their site almost every day, however, to download Punjabi movies from this website you need to first download IDM(Internet Download Manager) and then you can download the movies just by copying the URL and pasting it in IDM.

3) Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is also a very decent website to stream as well as downloading movies, it is owned by Screen Media Ventures and is a great destination for movies lover. In this website, you will all categories of movies like Horror, Romance, Funny, Drama, Suspense, etc. And all these movies are available for free to watch and download.

The best part about Popcorn Flix is that you don’t need to waste your time in creating an account or completing paid surveys there to watch or download movies. This website is quite straightforward with nice UI. However, you will get to see some ads in between movies added by Popcorn Flix which is not a really big deal, considering the fact they let us download and watch our favorite latest Punjabi movies for free.

Visit Popcorn Flix

4) Download Movies by typing Index of XXX(XXX=Movie Name)

It is one of my second favorite methods when it comes to downloading movies online. This method works every freaking time and the best thing is you don’t need to visit any website. This method is a hell lot easier than above-discussed methods but with this method, you can not stream movies online but that doesn’t matter because our article is all about downloading only Punjabi films. In this method, you won’t get to see any annoying ads which is a plus point of this method.

To download movies with this method, you need to go to Google and in the search box type Index of xxx (xxx= movie name) then hit enter and click on the first result. Now you will see your favorite movie in different quality and size, downloading any according to your need.

5) DownloadHub

As the name suggests DownloadHub is another website which helps you to download your favorite latest Punjabi movies online. The best part about this website is it has a very eye-catching interface but the negative part of this website is it contains pop-up ads which are very irritating and even at downloading, there are so many ads named as Download which makes the process, even more, tougher but after struggling for a minute or two the download will start.

The directory of this website is also very huge and you will not only find Punjabi movies in this site but also you will get to see Hollywood, Bollywood, etc movies.

Visit Download Hub


So, this was our article on Download Punjabi Movies, here we have shared the Top 5 best methods to download latest Punjabi movies 2019. However, I personally not promote downloading movie for free, it is always advisable to watch movies only on Cinemas and T.V. Downloading movies online is not legal in any way and is completely against the law.

However, if you are facing any issue in downloading movies from the above-discussed methods then you can post your query below in the comment section and I help you to solve your query as soon as possible.





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